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Hey There! We Rebranded!

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The Why.

We started Forgive Everyone Screen Printing as a spin off company from our clothing brand Forgive Everyone Co.. Since we were printing all of our brands shirts we thought "Why not print for other people too!" And so it started.

Since starting we have printed over 5000 shirts for some amazing people, brands, and causes! But it hasn't been without issue. We are two separate companies with two separate missions that support each other in a variety of ways. But we named both of them so similarly, lots of people have a hard time finding us online and can quickly get confused as to whether or not we are screen printers or a clothing brand. There was an obvious need to make the names, and missions, more distinct.

We are now proud to announce Unitas Printing! Our mission is to make quality products that bring people together to do big things. Every time anyone prints something with us, they are creating something that creates a sense of UNITY in their COMMUNITY. We want to empower others to create strong communities and to work towards common goals, together. 

The Latin definition of Unitas is "the state of being one or undivided". We want to create apparel for you that helps your community come together, wearing one thing, unified and undivided. 

In our quest to empower people to come together with the things we make, our promise to you is that the products we create will be made by human beings, not machines. We believe you should know who made your shirt, and because of that every box of shirts will be signed by the individual who printed them, with care, for you. As we grow, we aim to employ formerly incarcerated men and women as 80% of our work force, keeping in-line with the mission of our parent company, Forgive Everyone Co., providing employment to some of the most disenfranchised members of our community. 

We will create together. We will build together. We will rise together.

We are building to become a print shop that is more invested in the customer and the community, than anything else. We are a community shop, not a faceless manufacturer. 

For our current customers, thank you for trusting us with the task of creating shirts for your community. We hope to continue to serve you and to see your community grow beyond your wildest expectations.

To our future customers, we look forward to working with you and helping you grow. 

Thank you all for joining us in this transition.

Let's make cool stuff, together.

Love and more love,

Sky Rich

Founder, Unitas Printing

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